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Fire Evacuation Centres

Fire Evacuation Centres are operational at:


Nimbin Showground - Cecil Street Nimbin

Soutnern Cross University - Military Road East Lismore


Any residents that are evacuating are encouraged to register at either of these centres.


Please refer to our Facebook Page for further information.

Flood Evacuation

When evacuation becomes necessary, either by emergency workers or you decide to leave, be sure to shut down household utilities and empty refrigerators and freezers, leaving doors open.

Locate your basic Emergency Kit and include last-minute items such as:

  • Special medicines
  • Non-perishable food and water for your family and pets
  • Blankets and dry clothing
  • Rubber boots
  • Important papers, bank books, money and credit cards
  • Valuables and cherished articles (jewellery, photographs etc)

For a quick guide on what to pack that you can keep at home, download the resource Get Packing - Emergency Basics Kit.

If you evacuate voluntarily make sure you tell a member of the family, a friend or a neighbour and the NSW SES or police when you are going (and where, if you know) so that authorities can account for you.

Listen/watch for flood reports and instructions. Follow all instructions by emergency authorities and react to changing conditions.

If you have to evacuate, fill your petrol tank and stock your car with emergency supplies to be evacuated with you.

Evacuation Centre

Southern Cross University is the Evacuation Centre for Lismore in times of natural disaster. The SES and other emergency services will direct affected residents to the University when the Evacuation Centre is operational.


Last roads out
Lismore last roads out


North – Keen Street then Leycester or High Street
East – Conway Street then Wyrallah Road

South Lismore
Casino Street – Ballina Street Bridge then Ballina Street and Wyrallah Road

North Lismore
Bridge Street or CBD then north through Keen Street and Leycester Streets. Residents furthermost away from the river may have access to Dunoon Road through the showground